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quick change

October 16, 2011 | Comments | Entryway



Yep, just a quick shade change. oh and wonderful hubs had an electrician install an outlet for my lamps! yippy!

Lamps:  Home Goods (Notice the red sticker on them in the 1st photo …..Asked for discount since old shades had marks on them)

Mirror : Home Goods ( $25…has some minor scratches on frame and I asked for a discount on top of the discounted price) Always ask! Love that Store.

New Shades: Lowes

Wreath: Pottery Barn

Table: Target

Yep, still in beginning stages of the kitchen redo. I’m on the “some year soon” plan.  so any way, here is the state of our kitchen.

There it is in all it’s builder grade glory. I’ve made some small changes like drapes, paint, glass cabinets doors, and faucet to help get rid of it’s builder-grade tendencies.

Sharing this today because this is daily life here . As usual, we are lost in transition and hopefully soon we can actually find our way towards finishing one of the rooms in our house……Or is any room ever really finished.

Wall color: BM Grant Beige

Cabinets: Yorktowne Maple in Spice color ( someday to be painted white!)

countertops and flooring : Builder’s grade Laminate

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Still need to find the right art or mirrors or sconces for the side of the china cabinet. I was thinking large unusual black framed mirrors to add more drama and light or large black and white framed prints. I think I’ll just wait until something catches my eye.

With a 2 and 4 yr old running around, I decided to keep the fall decor very simple this year.

looking for two more cheap white plates  to finish that wall off.

I love this little DIY chalkboard platter. It’s great for writing the menu for a dinner party or a special message.  I think it’s currently saying…..I’m dreaming of a trip to Paris.

I think that’s the progress so far. If I close my eyes I can see the fabulous espresso brown hardwood floors and amazing geometric style rug under the table. We are talking about replacing the current large windows with glass french doors and transom that would open to a new patio during our spring backyard makeover.

Thanks for stopping by.

LOOKIE LOOKIE what hubs bought me for my birthday.

That’s right ladies, my wonderful hubs got us 8 new dining chairs that I was drooling over for my birthday!

insert: DANCE OF JOY

What a huge improvement to the room I might add.

look at the before which was right after we moved in


and yes that was my 2007 christmas decor…..some christmas balls  hanging from my chandelier and a visit from the Grinch for dinner .

quick fix

August 3, 2011 | Comments | DIY Projects, Kitchen

What do  you get after an extensive search for fabric that matches your curtains but doesn’t cost more than $6.00 a yard so you can cover that bench you bought because it was the last one and not the right color?

A trip to Target

That’s right you head to Target where the real reason to go is the addictive Starbuck’s White Chocolate Mocha drink. Darn, you Starbucks for being so smart as to build a cafe inside my local Target. Now I can’t even think about going to Target without my mouth watering.

Anyway, during my trip to pick up some necessities I saw the tablecloth pictured below that matched the swatch of my drape fabric.  At a price of $12.99 it was a no brainer purchase. oh and did I mention it said my two favorite words on the package. With two young kids around, you know it’s “MACHINE WASHABLE”.



That’s my story. The End

A couple of hours after the hubs left the house when the kids started to go stir crazy ,  I had no other option for my own sanity than to get creative. I’ve always been disappointed with this small entryway. I just don’t understand why someone would build an entryway without room for a small table or real wall space or some kind of focal point to stare at besides steps. Whatever the reason, it’s always bugged me.

Since it will be ages before we paint  the super tall two story  foyer/entryway, I was looking for a way to add some quick style to it.

So to the left you’ll notice the terrible before picture, it was the only one that I had that captured that dang ugly elephant stool I was forced to own. That’s right, the hubs had to put it on our wedding registry against all my pleading not to and our dear close friends had to buy it for us as a house warming gift knowing how happy hubs would be. Ugh! Sounds like they just wanted to challenge my creative spirit on where to make it work. Which is how it ended up in the entryway where he has become a seat for many small children.


Last night, I quickly grabbed some leftover black paint that we used on our kitchen table. After applying 2-3 coats, it was looking good. Well except I noticed the previous builder’s painter hit the rubber piece on the bottom of the door along with the hinges with his paint gun. Now I have to figure out how to hid the white on the rubber piece. Maybe a gray sharpie pen will work?

Then I had to do something about that elephant stool.  Out came some old blue-gray paint and soon enough I was smitten with our little elephant stool.  Ha ha friends….the joke is now on you!

Both colors are a custom and so I can’t direct you where to buy either of them.

However, the circular rug is from Overstock.com, it’s a Martha Stewart rug that was on sale. Love it.

Now I’ll just dream about staining those hardwoods a deep dark brown along with possible wall colors for the entryway. Oh and of course, enjoy our super cute elephant stool :)